I. Introduction

RGDEM INSTITUTE is a Technical-Vocational Institution offering services in Region 8 (Eastern Visayas). It is currently preparing to serve learners all over the country and will be ready for National rollout soon. RDGEM has the requisite facilities and expertise for learning-training and developing-honing skills to develop competitive and efficient Filipino workers in various sectors. As a learning-training institution, RDGEM Institute is committed to produce well-trained individuals who can compete and showcase their skills for employment.

RDGEM INSTITUTE was established in November 2020 by a group of dynamic individuals who bring their collective expertise,  vision experience and resources to the Institute and its trainees. RDGEM’s areas of competencies initially include the following: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery Sectors, Soon it will offer competencies in:  Construction, Tourism, Health/Health Care Sectors among others.

RDGEM INSTITUTE is registered with and accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

Accreditation Number:

II. Competency Profile

RDGEM INSTITUTE is an accredited training service provider working with public sector organization/s particularly TESDA, government department, cities and municipalities. In its aim to be known by the community, RDGEM Institute also works with private sector ready to offer services to business heads to train its employees for the development of skills and adapt additional knowledge. The service RDGEM provide extend from learning-training, advice, technical assistance to full-scale employment through business-employment linkages.

III. RDGEM INSTITUTE Vision, Mission and Objective


RDGEM Institute will continue to be a premier provider of excellent technical education,  skills training and learning for success in agriculture,  wellness and other disciplines,  guided by the principles of quality,  relevance and sustainability.


RDGEM Technical Institute is an institution that provides quality technical and vocational education, skills training and learning through the delivery of certificate programs for agricultural, wellness, and other disciplines.  RDGEM is committed to meet the needs of individuals, organizations and communities throughout Region VIII and beyond, through the delivery of quality, relevant and sustainable learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, using both theoretical and practical approaches that evolve with changing technology.


RDGEM Institute shall conduct certificate programs that will provide quality technical and vocational education, skills training and learnings for agricultural, wellness and other disciplines, that will benefit Region VIII and beyond.